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My name is Dalida Innes, I am originally from France and I lived in Sydney Australia for the last 17 years and now I moved to Margaret River Western Australia. My true loves are wildlife, landscape, travel photography and everything between. I travel as often as I can and try to see the best of the world. I enjoy my encounters with nature, this often takes me to incredible places where I meet fantastic people.

Adventurous spirit with camera in hand, I try to capture moments of wonder and serenity.

I am self-taught have a sincere passion for all things photographic.

Capturing images for me is like freezing the time and by looking back over my photos, I can get back to this whenever I need. I try to get that precise moment that your eye doesn't have time to remember.

And buy me a coffee if you see me🤪

Palm Oil Detectives Empowering consumers & creatives

A vibrant community of caring conservationists and creative people.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed for Palm Oil Detectives. This is an online community that boycotts the supermarket brands destroying rainforests for commodities including palm oil. They spread the word about this direct action using the hashtag #Boycott4Wildlife. They also profile artists, writers, photographers and film-makers who make art about endangered species. Read my interview on Palm Oil Detectives here

You can find out more about their work on their website and Twitter



   Semi finalist, Highly recommended Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2019


   Selected finalist for Nat Geo Travel Photographer of the Year Contest


 Awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2015:

     3rd Prize in Wildlife Category

 Awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2015:

   Honorable Mention in Amateur Wildlife Category.

 ND Awards: Neutral Density photography award 2015:

    Honorable Mention in Nature: Wildlife Category


 Awarded picture of the year 2014 on 1x.com people’s choice. Published on the

 book Mono for limited edition.

 This picture and story has been published as well as The Times and Daily record

  newspapers and all other media worldwide.

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