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black and white

AFRICAN SAFARI in black and white is also a different way to make a picture to look better.

In this collection of Nature Captured, you will find pictures of african wildlife in Black and White. This page include animals such as, elephants, bigcats...

I like to freedom to process the pictures after a long day on safari enjoying a nice cup of tea and make my choices of colour or black and white.

There are three prints size available:
Width X Height. Price starting at $445 Australian dollars and delivery is free anywhere in the world.

40 cm x 60 cm (20.26 Inch X 13.74 Inch)
70 cm X 100 cm (31.37 Inch X 21.28 Inch)
100 cm X 150 cm (49.05 Inch X 33.28 Inch)
You can choose bigger size if you wish but we recommend the sizes above.
Note: when a picture is square the width and height are the same, example: 60cm X 60cm(13.74 InchX 13.74 Inch)

The prints are safely rolled up in the tube and send by post. Please ENQUIRE NOW for more information