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Blood lions DVD release

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Blood Lions, a call to stop canned lions hunting

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In this article, Nature Captured want to talk about the release of the DVD Blood lions “Bred for the bullet” by South African environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler joined by Rick Swazey, an American hunter to show us the process of the hunters go through and how easy it is, you might always wonder why South Africa is so popular for rich wildlife hunters, do not ask anymore, you will get your answers through this extraordinary documentary.

The documentary will take you through this legalize and lucrative industry, breed to be killed. This is the dark side of South Africa unfortunately.

Our first impression when we watched was just terrible for us, it’s hard to ignore what’s going on down there and also through the images, it is very hard not to feel anything unless you do not have any heart.

In the DVD you can also see some Interview of great people such as Will Travers president of Born Free Foundation , you can also follow him on twitter @willtravers and Dereck Joubert, award-winning filmmakers, National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and wildlife conservationists, wildlife conservations films and much more…

Lions are wild animals, they do not belong in the cage, if you really love wildlife as much as we do, and if you always wanted to make donations and didn’t how, just click to online Amazon and buy the DVD please, $19 US dollars is not too much but it does really help for their protection, by buying it you will support the protection for lions.

A trailer is available on their website Blood lions it will give an idea what you are expecting from the DVD.

We are not making any money by asking you to buy this DVD, we just want you to make you aware, that is not always what you think and if you are a hunter, you might change your mind by watching it.

Tell us what you really think about it, we will be glad to read it.