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The Arctic

Last august we went to Norway from there we had to flight to Svalbard.
From there we went on boat for 10 days, to the arctic meeting incredible wildlife, polar bears, arctic fox, walrus...
This place is so quiet that you will think that you are on another planet, just magic and the light never go down at least when we were there, more pictures to come. Follow us in our journey...

There are three prints size available:
Width X Height. Price starting at $445 Australian dollars and delivery is free anywhere in the world.

40 cm x 60 cm (20.26 Inch X 13.74 Inch)
70 cm X 100 cm (31.37 Inch X 21.28 Inch)
100 cm X 150 cm (49.05 Inch X 33.28 Inch)
You can choose bigger size if you wish but we recommend the sizes above.
Note: when a picture is square the width and height are the same, example: 60cm X 60cm(13.74 InchX 13.74 Inch)

The prints are safely rolled up in the tube and send by post. Please Enquire now for more information