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African safaris are the most spectacular show on earth, amazing sighting of wildlife, amazing landscape, predators are always on the search of their next prey. Each day is different, you never know what to expect. If you know to listen and look, you will find the secret that Africa is hiding.

These are limited edition prints, limited prints available. Nature Captured have carefully selected this pictures, each of them has its own story. If you do wish to buy any of this pictures of any sizes, print paper, canvas, please feel free to contact us and we will let you know the price of each of them depending the size, paper, canvas or other.

These pictures are special for us, they represent what we are and what we do, wildlife lover at first, we spent so many hours with each of them, observing their behaviour and trying to catch a special moment.

Walking in the steps of a giant

We were in Tarangire National park, Tanzania when we came upon a herd of elephants. we saw this young calf following in very full steps of his mother as if a invisible code connected it to his mother.

Remembering the lost friends

A mother elephant thinking about her ancestors when a ghost appears just behind her, this is what we felt when we saw the picture. In the background it is just another elephant.

Just Being a Bull

A Bull elephant approached us , this picture was taken in NdutuNgorongoro Conservation area in Tanzania.

Morning Glory

This male lion that we did fall in love is from a pride of four lionesses and one brother. It was in the early morning, the sun just started to rise, he looks so proud of himself and powerful.

The Desperate Pride

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, four adult females and fifteen cubs not all on this picture, at the first place , they were lying under small trees in the shade, as they were lying we didn’t see their conditions but when they started to get on the move as they spotted a male giraffe, we realised how the cubs were so skinny, some they were ok but majority of them only bones and skin, it’s not always easy to see lions like this, and we don’t believe half of them survive, people always like to see wildlife in the good conditions but that’s the real reality.


A mother elephant with her calf looking for the herd in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

A Crowded Space

A Pool Hippo very crowded that day in Central Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. They look so lovely but they always keep an eye on you and if move to get a better shot, they will always open their big mouth to shows us the sign of aggression.


A Moment of Thought

Awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2015 with 3rd Prize in Amateur Wildlife Category and Honorable Mention in Amateur Wildlife Category.

Awarded in Neutral Density Photography Awards 2015 with Honorable Mention in Nature: Wildlife Category.

We found that it was a very strange behaviour, sitting and looking the sky for about 40 seconds, we were wondering what she was thinking, asking god to save her baby or just enjoying looking the sky.


Bull elephant with his charming eyebrow, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. He came so close that we could catch the best of him.



Awarded in Neutral Density Photography Awards 2015 with Honorable Mention in Nature: Wildlife Category

The Innocence of Youth

These were three elephant calves enjoying each other company.

Scenting the Air

One of the female of the pride of Ndutu, she was the oldest of all of them, she was by herself this morning and she was trying to retrieve the rest of the pride.

King of the Marches

Our special lion, was in the marches at Ndutu at the time the wildebeests migration, he was waiting for the wildebeests to come down to drink.

My Land

Again here our special male lion, it was early morning and the pride were sharing a kill, the male had enough and stand for looking the empty plain of Ndutu, Ngorngoro Conservation area in Tanzania.

A Painting of Zebras
Zebras running at sunrise in Ndutu plains in Tanzania.

The Chameleon
The Chameleon was taken in Central Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. In the first light of the morning we spotted a female leopard and she was heading to the rock because she was having a cub there so we decided to follow her. After that she just head inside of one of this small cave where she displace her cub from another small cave but we really had a small view of it so we decided to move on but in i couldn’t stop thinking about so we came back and waited. At first she moved out of the cave without the cub, she layed down further down then she is on the picture so i decided to wait because to get her right between the rocks and she did go up and this time she lay down facing me and i didn’t hesitate to take the shot and it was very difficult to get her in focus with all the grasses around her. Once coverted in black and white , the pattern on the rock looked similar to her. It was indeed a very good strategy to keep an eye to her surrounding because of her cub.