Life is so important, no matter what, the animals will try their best to survive in this harsh environment, we do not realise how lucky we are as human being. you might be one of this people, worried about tomorrow, having your own house, your own comfort, your work, your savings and your plans for your future. But really, is it that important? When we think about it, having all that, it's only materials because after all, we do not take any of it with us, under the ground, do we?? Some people attach so much importance to this that they don't even open their eyes or listen around them, they just focus on making the most money they can.But if I tell you that tomorrow everything will stop, mo house, no work, no savings, no future, no plans, what will you do? Wouldn't you be happy to know how to survive without the help of anyone? wouldn't you try to make your next prey, your next meal?So when I hear some people winging about this poor baby elephant dying on the show , Africa by BBC " Why did they let this baby dying?", I am wondering if it's not just a joke from these people, hard to watch for sure, but unfortunately this the real world and suddenly , they forgot about all the kill and poaching that it is happening right now in anywhere in the world, in the ocean as well, it's everywhere.I will say just one thing, if nature dye, you will dye too, what did you think?? that you were superior because of your money, the power doesn't last!! We are killing the world.It became harder and harder to try to find one specie and to photograph it, I was blown away , how many times I saw a leopard in Africa, in more than twelve weeks, I saw only two in my life, for the first time in my life since I am living in Australia and searching for a wild Koala, I finally saw it , once only after 13 years living here.It was my third year in Tonga, and it has been my second time that I saw a mother humpback whale and calf. And what about the snow leopard? It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, tracking through the mountain in search that you would think that it doesn't exist!For sure , people they think just about themselves, they became selfish, easy to say than done, they don't even think about the crew behind the camera and watching this in live. People think always that when we take a picture of an animal, it's nothing!! Let me explain to you! You must organise the trip, find the right local guide, and be lucky , for sure but if you know to be patient, you will see it and photograph it. The portrait of the leopard from Africa, it was 9 hours a day, for 3 days, waiting for him, to go up the tree and down, waiting hours in the car for just the right position. For the snow leopard, hours in cold, waiting and waiting. For the whales, people will say that it is luck, a little bit, but if you jump from the boat nice and quietly, it will work for you to get close enough if they accept you, when I see people jumping like crazy, pushing you, slap you on the face just because they want to be first, well the whales just leave and instead of enjoying their company, you miss it because you didn't respect them.RESPECT This a big one, isn't it, but people don't respect themselves, how could they respect the wild world? the difference: we have a reason, we are clever enough to think that if we approach, the animals too fast, they will run away from us instead of getting curious to know who we are! I remember, I went so many times to see the mountain gorilla in Uganda, and you should see the people, they were just standing around them, but they did sit nice and quietly like I did, they would have had enjoyed a moment with a very close encounter.Same with the arctic fox that I met last year, I was so close Bec cause instead of running after him, I just lay down on the frozen beach and waited, and at the end I was by myself with an arctic fox sniffing me all around, it's that simple.All the time I am outside in the wild, I always feel frustrated but I know by being patient, I am always. rewarded, I will meet them close enough and this is a pure enjoyment.So if one day you decide to come to join me on one of my trip, photographing wildlife, you will need to be very patient, after all this is what a photographer do, waiting for the right time to get the right shot.