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Swimming with the humpback whales

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What does it take to swim with a giant
For the last 16 days, we have been swimming with the humpback whales in Tonga, we will describe to you our feelings.

One of the whale showing me the way to move underwater

When they come that close, what a feeling!

So this year we decided to change, we wanted for so long to swim with the whales as we already experienced the whale shark in Tanzania so we knew it would be as good as the whale shark. But we were always pushing it away.

So we decided to go and to choose the best best month which is September.
The mothers whales come the Antarctic to give birth and they are of course followed by the males as well. They will stay there until the calf is strong enough to make the trip back to Antarctic.

For twelve days we swam with them, everyday except Sunday ( Tongan people do not work on Sunday).
The first three days the whales were just swimming away, as the guide told us, it is just about luck if they want to stay with us or not.
On the fourth day, finally it was our moment, they decided to stay and to swim around us, it was just amazing!

Just a Beauty

From there , everyday was an enjoyment, i (Dalida) never wanted to get out of the water, i was feeling so well with them, while others were chasing them which is hard , because whales swim very fast, i was just waiting for them to come to me and i never been disappointed.
One day i experienced something very special with one of them, i was away from the group, while they were chasing the others whales ( personally i always try to get away from the a group).

One whale came very close to me, i was in the front and gently push herself just at the surface to breach. You have to understand that i was holding just a GoPro camera which make pictures looking from far away because of the wide angle, but i wasn’t that far, maybe three meters from her!!

My Whale

If i have a suggestion for you, it will be just this, pack your bag and go to get this experience, humpback whales are very gentle marine animals. Seeing the whales from the boat is completely different than to see them from under the water, they will dance around you and one more advice, let them come to you, don’t try to chase them, they will swim away.