Every year I am going to this place to photograph this gentle giant, they come over here from Antarctica to give birth. I always take advantage of the migration to try to capture beautiful pictures. It's not an easy task
In this collection of Nature Captured, you will find pictures of the humpback whales in Tonga, you can read my ADVENTURES

I like to freedom to process the pictures after a long day on safari enjoying a nice cup of tea and make my choices of colour or black and white.

There are three prints size available:
Width X Height. Price starting at $445 Australian dollars and delivery is free anywhere in the world.

40 cm x 60 cm (20.26 Inch X 13.74 Inch)
70 cm X 100 cm (31.37 Inch X 21.28 Inch)
100 cm X 150 cm (49.05 Inch X 33.28 Inch)
You can choose bigger size if you wish but we recommend the sizes above.
Note: when a picture is square the width and height are the same, example: 60cm X 60cm(13.74 InchX 13.74 Inch)

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