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Nature Captured by Dalida Innes

Nature Captured by Dalida Innes presents some of her images that I have captured during my travels. I love all wildlife, in particular big cats and elephants. There is something in the animals that I feel that I am part of them, spending time in their company is beyond anything else in the world and they are remarkably gentle once you start to know them. I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do.

Dalida innes was born in south in France in 1972, in the countryside, passionate about animals since young.
She started to work with them and studied them, after few years, she moved to Australia where she made her discovery of photography.

Dalida Innes

Me in Western Serengeti, I found this big tortoise and I couldn't resist to take a picture with her and I think she didn't mind that we share this personal moment together!!! When I was young , I used to have one and I kept it for almost 22 years!

Me in Ladakh region, in India, it was just an amazing landscape